David Sawicki

David Sawicki

Founder and Managing Director at Third Wave Ideas

I am a business advisor and the founder and director of Third Wave Ideas, specialising in advising B2B service companies – consultancies, agencies, professional service firms, etc.

For 25 years, I’ve been helping companies crack their toughest challenges, and also helping companies to improve their performance and build more profitable businesses. I connect great ideas with the right teams for world-class execution. Essentially, I help businesses fulfil their potential and reach their goals.

I am passionate about working with clients to optimise performance and results, having co-founded Impact Employees Communications, that was acquired by Singleton Group Limited and renamed Ogilvy Impact (award winning communications company with a global network) I have experience in spades. I invest my extensive client and agency experience into managing growth and development in my roles at marketing and advisory group Bastion Collective, as chairman of Bastion Effect (integrated communication strategies),  Bastion Latitude (research and insights) and Stable Research as well as being Australian Agency Advisor for the Collective.

My specialties are mentoring business owners of service firms; growth and pipeline development; business planning; and corporate communication and engagement. Current clients include Cashrewards (the fastest growing tech company in Australia with a growth of 12,500% in 2016/17), Be Challenged (the team-building business has experienced a 32% Growth since working with Third Wave Ideas) and Remember Creative (a marketing and advertising firm that has grown 25% over the past two years with the help of TWI).