Corporate Client Services

Providing a suite of services to manage all challenges across your business.

Creative business solutions

Solving all your business needs

  • Corporate Emcee and conference facilitator
  • Keynote speaker
  • Strategy, growth and planning
  • Strategy with visual illustrations/cartooning
  • Ideation – ideas generation
  • Pitching to win
  • Corporate creative presentation development
  • Creative business solutions
  • Pipeline management and development
  • Sales: skills, process and systems (with facilitated review)
  • Presentation skills
  • Corporate storytelling

Agency selection and management

Connecting clients with valued agency partners

  • Employee engagement
  • Leadership alignment
  • Strategy plan on a page
  • Presentation skills

Partners include:

Multi-disciplinary communication: advertising creatives, account management, employee communication, PR management, digital, media, social, SEO, production: editing, corporate video, digital content, through-the-line communication

Executive Coaching

  • Listening, strategic planning, action and change, monitoring,
    and mentoring